Debt Recovery

No company can afford to have outstanding debts. In such a contentious and important area we believe it is important that we offer a cost effective service that is as accessible and flexible as possible.

  • Fax or email to us details of any outstanding debts due to your company.
  • We will send a seven day letter before action to the debtor (and a copy to you).
  • We will liaise with you on the eighth day as to whether any response has been received.
  • Cost of the above £10.00 (plus VAT) for each letter before action sent.
  • Should it be necessary to issue proceedings in England and Wales, we charge no more than is recoverable from the debtor for undefended actions to judgment provided you are VAT registered.
  • Fixed price menu available on request.

We believe this allows clients to control debt situations and be aware of all costs and options at every stage. If your business needs help on any level with debt recovery call us on 01908 563030 or email us.

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Click here to view our fixed price fees

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